Senninger Sprinklers

Pivot Wobbler® Sprinklers

Wobbler® sprinklers are renowned worldwide for their instantaneous uniform pattern. Their low operating pressure, wide area of coverage, and low application intensity has made them some of the most imitated sprinklers on the market.


Senninger® has improved on the i-Wob® UP3® design with the next generation i-Wob®2. Featuring a protective shroud that doubles as a nozzle carrier, the new i-Wob2 is capable of better withstanding harsh operating conditions. Senninger Wobbler® sprinklers are recognized across the globe for their ability to spread water in a highly uniform pattern resistant to wind-drift and evaporation.


Ideal for installation on semi-rigid PE drops, steel drops, and flexible hose drops when used with the Magnum Weight™.

LDN® Pivot Sprinklers

The LDN Low Drift Nozzle offers growers multiple ways to irrigate. One applicator can be used for LEPA applications, spray irrigation, and chemigation. With so many options available, growers can get precise control of their sprinklers’ droplet size, trajectory, and application pattern. This makes the LDN capable of adapting to various crop, environmental, and soil requirements.


LEPA (Low Energy Precision Application) applicators use less energy than conventional low-pressure sprinklers and can operate using fewer gallons per minute. Senninger offers several types depending on the pattern: Wide Spray Bubble for a large diameter of coverage, Beige or Red Bubble Inserts with a Shroud to deflect water down in a gentle dome, and a cascading Bubbler distributing water as a narrow stream. With LEPA heads, at least 20 percent more water reaches the soil than with conventional spray nozzles.

LDN Dynamic Drive

The LDN® Dynamic Drive is an economical solution that doesn’t sacrifice performance. Built on the LDN sprinkler platform, the Dynamic Drive features a modular design and easy clean nozzles that make maintenance easier and more efficient. Its advanced break technology ensures a smooth and consistent movement, offering optimum control for a wide and uniform application.