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What T-L Owners Say…

“This T-L has been pretty well maintenance-free. It’s a great system.”
Boog Evans
Laverne, Oklahoma
“With a T-L we don’t have to worry about all the copper wire being stolen during the night.”
Dave Carmichael
Laurinburg, North Carolina
“When they’re running I can sleep better at night since I’m not worrying about checking flood sets or having a system stop due to an electrical problem.”
Bert Weststeyn
Willows, California
“This is a simple and easy system to use and it works great with crops while being a tremendous labor saver.”
Art Lehmann
Strawn, Illinois
“The main reason I went with T-L was I could take care of servicing and repairing them myself. Some of the farmers I talked to had to wait for four or five days with a down pivot for an electrician to arrive.”
Joe Rhoads
Ropesville, Texas
“The hydraulic technology that makes T-L irrigation the industry leader totally eliminates this danger.”
Kenny Rodgers
Belzoni, Mississippi
“We believe that with proper maintenance our T-Ls will run until they’re 50 years old.”
Reed McClymont
Holdrege, Nebraska
“It’s sure a lot safer to work on a hydraulic T-L than it is to work on an electrically powered sprinkler.”
Ty Ryland
Fort Garland, Colorado
“My T-L’s have been just so foolproof and consistent both in water patterns and my time and effort involved that I know they’re the only way for me to go.”
Dennis Erkenbrack
Republic, Kansas
“We’ll turn on our T-Ls and run ’em all summer long and never even look at them except when we periodically grease them and change filters.”
Tom Bailey
Ephraim, Utah
“Thieves stole the copper wire from all of our 25 electrics, and later hit one again after the wire had been replaced!”
Matt Richardville
Vincennes, Indiana
“One of my neighbors runs all different brands of sprinklers however, since he’s seen the T-Ls work, I think we’ve got him converted.”
Harry Wimberly
Branchville, South Carolina
“While my T-L did cost a few dollars more than an electric system, it offered some things they didn’t. And, I also think it’s going to be a longer lasting system.”
Mike Hajek
North Judson, Indiana
“My children were growing up on the farm at the time, and we just thought T-L offered a safer solution…”
Richard Oswald
Rock Port, Missouri
“You can ask how many electric pivots have we have replaced with T-L systems and get a quick answer, all we can!”
Jim Stevens
Allendale, Illinois
“Compared to drip systems, our T-L produces a micro climate that’s the ideal condition for coffee. And, it’s much less labor intensive and less susceptible to human and rodent damage, not to mention being easier to inspect.”
Etienne Steyn
Rift Valley, Zambia
“My T-L will maximize our water with precise watering techniques.”
Jaron Everett
Floydada, Texas
“We get more running time with the T-Ls. We have shift operators who let me know every morning which rigs have gone ‘down’ overnight. The T-Ls give us more ‘nothing down’ days.”
Ken Scarth
Muskegon County, Michigan
“Our thinking is that center pivot irrigation in general, and T-Ls in particular, don’t cost. Instead, they pay off in allowing us to be more productive while using less water.”
Dayle Mecham
Pingree, Idaho

About Us

Advanced Irrigation Systems LLC, located in Phoenix, AZ has been a T-L Irrigation dealer for 3 years. With our team of employees we have an extensive background in farming/irrigating needs. We believe T-L Irrigation products are the best and most reliable irrigation systems on the market. Our trained service technicians with years of experience take great pride in helping you with all of your T-L Irrigation installation and repair needs. From simple repairs to keep you irrigating to the design and layout of a new install, we have you covered!