Clemons Filter Screens

If you irrigate, you know how important it is to keep equipment running smoothly and water flowing freely.

Whether you are pumping water from a stream, canal, river, irrigation ditch, pit or sump, or a golf course pond, you need the water to be free of trash and debris that could block water flow and damage the pump or clog water-distribution equipment. Call factory for advice in waste treatment and manure lagoon usage.

The Clearwater Self-Cleaning Suction Screen is galvanized or epoxy coated and utilizes a heavy 12, 18, or 24 mesh stainless steel screen designed to increase pump efficiency. The screen continuously removes trash and debris from irrigation water that costs time and money in fuel, pumping efficiency and maintenance costs. And it can be used for agricultural, turf, industrial, centrifugal or turbine pump applications. The suction screen is attached to the end of the pump in the water source. All water pulled in must go through the screen before entering the intake pipe. The screen stops trash and debris from entering, plugging lines and causing costly maintenance repairs. The pump discharge return line drives two spray bars that continually rotate, jet water at the screen and blast debris away from the screen at 40 to 65 PSI Operating Range with a Standard Bearing and 40 to 100 PSI with the Sealed Bearing.

The Clearwater screen does operate in any position and has no exterior moving parts that can break down or need repair. It can be installed at any attitude without the operation being affected and is uncollapsible and corrosion resistant. It also has a standard flanged connection, and other connections are available upon request. The Y Strainer or Mini Filter — 18 mesh minimum is mandatory requirement — provides easy access for cleaning and prevents the supply line to the screen and the spray nozzle from plugging. Mesh sizes available in stock are 4, 8, 12, 18, and 24 mesh.

Let Clearwater clear your water for worry-free irrigating!

Typical Application

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Operates in Any Position

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